Replacing lighting with energy saving efficient lighting is one of the quickest ways to cut your energy costs.


A light bulb that puts out 100 lumens per watt is more efficient than one that puts out 20 lumens per watt.

Saving energy on lighting is all about getting the same light for less power.

 Saving energy on lighting is all about the watts.

 The higher the lumen output at the lowest wattage is most efficient.   


 CFL Compact fluorescent bulbs 

When replacing incandescent lamps with Compact fluorescent lamps, ensure that the light fitting is the

correct size to change lamps.


Compact fluorescent lamps contain mercury so when buying make sure they either have the energy saving logo

or come with a warranty.


 LED bulbs (Light Emitting Diode)

 LED bulbs are more expensive than the Compact fluorescent lamps but last longer and makes nice lighting for effect and decorative purposes.

 LED bulbs used in fixtures inside the home save electricity, remain cool and save money on replacing costs.

 LED bulbs are more efficient.


 Saving Energy

 Lighting in our homes accounts to 25% of our electricity bills.

 Heating , water heating and then lighting consumes the most power in a home.

 You will save electricity every time you turn off lights.

 Use low wattage bulbs for lights that are always on.


 Renewable energy can be a solution due to increasing demand on electricity, constant rising electricity prices.

 To be independent from ESKOM , being green, load shedding cure and saving costs.

 Critical loads still working during power failure: Electric fence and alarm, garage door , lights and individual appliances.

 No fuel costs as for generators.

 Electricity price increases.

 Saving on Solar depends on consumer behaviour (day/night consumption)

 92-95% of South Africa's electricity is provided by ESKOM