Certificate of Compliance

Is the COC for sale purposes.

Does the Buyer intend to alter any part of the installation as it may be a waste of time and money to issue a COC/TR for those areas as per Clause 10(4) of the OHS ACT.

Clause 10(4) reads: where a person designs , manufacturers , imports , sells or supplies an article or substance for or to another person and that other person undertakes in writing to take specified steps sufficient to ensure , as far as is reasonably practicable , that the article or substance will comply with all prescribed requirements and will be safe and without risks to health when properly used , the undertaking will have the effect of relieving the first mentioned person from the duty imposed upon him by this section to such an extent as may be reasonable having regard to the terms of the undertaking.

Do you have an initial COC

REASON: The initial COC indicates compliance at the time of the initial installation. Without an initial COC the registered person is required to pay more attention to the equipment selection and installation , as only the original signatory will know if the original installation complied. Therefore the registered persons must satisfy themselves if the installation is reasonably safe.

What you need to explain to the client

It is not possible to quote for a COC. Registered persons can supply there rates on which the agreement will be based and give an estimate of time which will not be binding. Registered persons can carry out inspection and tests , after which registered persons will be in a position to quote for the remedial work , based on this inspection but this inspection will be paid for at the above agreed rates and independently of the remedial work.

REASON: Electrical installations are hidden and therefore can only be assessed through proper inspection aided by instrument tests , which will determine the action needed to be taken to rectify.